A medical coding and HIM company was overwhelmed with the data demands of a growing client base. They lacked adequate support for their employees’ conflicting software and technology. Their internet and e-mail costs were soaring. Their frustration further grew with their local internet service provider (ISP), which repeatedly hampered them with service interruptions.

They turned to Digital Aspire.

After reviewing the company’s unique needs, Digital Aspire designed a robust cloud solution with strong security. Digital Aspire’s team identified and eliminated all pain-points disrupting employees’ work and impeding the company’s growth. Our solutions enabled staff members to worry less about their infrastructure and focus more on delivering exceptional service.

The company’s most pressing concern was its lack of tech support for Windows 8 as well as all 64-bit operating systems. Digital Aspire deployed an enterprise grade firewall that supported VPN connections from all Microsoft and Apple operating systems. The solution allowed a BYOD (bring your own device) policy for remote workers, eliminating conflicts. By allowing employees to provide their own computers regardless of different software systems, the company reduced capital expenses and met their business objectives.

Because intermittent network and internet disruptions were having serious financial implications (the reliability of both local ISPs could not meet the company’s uptime demand), Digital Aspire eliminated the company’s over-reliance on its ISP by migrating the company’s server and firewall to a secure local data center. By providing a new network with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, we were able to virtually eliminate downtime to their employees and customers!

To address the company’s ever increasing costs of hosted employee e-mail, Digital Aspire designed a cost effective Exchange server. We migrated all e-mail, calendars and contacts from a third-party cloud provider to a local mail server, providing the company with predictable and controllable costs.

After deploying Digital Aspire’s solutions, the company immediately reported increased reliability and speed. Our techs were thrilled!

Digital Aspire’s passion lies in tearing down roadblocks to a faster, smarter and more profitable business.